4 Steps to Grow Your Business Using WordPress and Creating a Website

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CBT Courses In London: Master Practitioner Diploma As Part Of Continuing Professional Development

CBT is slowly becoming a ‘must-have’ qualification from the ‘desired qualification’ for therapists and counsellors. The UK government invested around 500 million pounds into enhancing CBT. Hence programs like Master Practitioner Diploma in CBT were developed as part of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

The diploma in CBT is BPS-LC approved for providing skill-based training, covering 484 hours training. The course has structured modules allowing flexibility in the tutoring order. This is offered at university post-graduate level and is highly flexible with regard to the duration and cost involved. It is highly preferred to have an experience with CBT Introductory Course, which can help develop subsequent skills and knowledge via the diploma course.

Best London CBT courses online also recommends prior completion of Case Formulation and Socratic Questioning modules, in order to improve the effectiveness of training. These courses help develop necessary skills further improved through the diploma. All faculties are accredited CBT therapists or tutors with immense experience as practitioners and trainers.